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*NEW* 2019 Zen Facelift™ Retreat

The Zen Lounge

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*NEW* 2019 Zen Facelift™ Retreat - The Zen Lounge

Zen Facelift Facial                                 

"2016 Seattle A-list Award Winning Facial"

9 Hours Continuing Education

$425 per student. 

Min 12

Learn 10 AMAZING Advanced Holistic Manual Techniques that can be added your menu of services TOMORROW! 
Each modality can be a stand-alone, add-on service, or combined together to create your custom signature service. 
My Zen Facelift is a completely new approach to skincare by taking elements from:
💪 Fitness
💆 Massage
🏮Traditional Chinese Medicine
💎European skincare
to strengthen, lift, firm, balance, and tone the 43 muscles of the face connective tissue.
The results are both immediate and cumulative for enhanced support of the underlying structure, muscle re-education, softening fine lines and wrinkles, breaking repetitive motion patterns, stimulating oxygen, flushing metabolic waste...and so much more. 
These techniques are game changers and WILL separate and elevate you....from your competition!

1. ASMR - (*NEW*)
Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation. This tingle is said to originate in a person's head and spread to the spine (and sometimes the limbs) in response to stimulation. 

2. Introduction to Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Decrease swelling, fluid retention, stress, nerves and anxiety. Stimulate circulation, white blood cells, vessels and lymph nodes for better health, mobilize stagnant blood/lymph, and eliminate toxins.

3. Dynamic Facial Cupping -
Four (6) different techniques to
Improve Circulation, draw out lactic acid and metabolic waste from muscles, soften repetitive motion wrinkles, stimulate lymph flow, sedate nervous system and remove edema.

4. Zen Facelift Massage
My Signature Award Winning Six (6) step facial massage technique. Specific Isometric and Isotonic massage techniques to lift, firm, tighten and tone fascia, muscle to create new muscle memory. Results are both immediate and cumulative. 

5. Guassage -
Gua Sha combined with massage to stimulate lymph and circulation, accelerate collagen synthesis, brighten, tighten, firm and tone skin, fascia and muscles on the face, neck and chest.

6. Cataplasm Lift  **NEW**
Unbleached muslin bags are filled with herbs, tied into tight pouches, steamed, then rhythmically stamped, kneaded and rocked on the face, neck & decolleté.  Heat helps relax muscles, while the potent herbs have therapeutic effects to help reduce inflammation, promote circulation, relieve joint pain and stiffness, calm muscle spasms, improve mobility and flexibility, boost the immune system, hormonal imbalances and tone the skin.

7. Zen Cryocube Lift
Manual massage techniques using cryocubes to lift and tone, calm and soothe, lock in nutrients, arrest any inflammatory response, stimulate cellular rejuvination and improve skin tone.

8. "Heat & Treat"
Scar tissue Remodeling -
Realign new or old scar tissue by softening collagen fibers with my "heat and treat" technique. Perfect add on treatment for post surgery clients.

9.  Steam Towel Acupressure -   Manual massage pressure point techniques using steamed towels to hydrate, release muscle tension and activate visceral meridians while stretching your body. 

10. Seated Yoga for Estheticians & Bodyworkers - class will begin with a full body stretch aimed to combat repetitive motion injuries, numbing/tingling, and chronic pain.

Topics covered:
- Repetitive motion injuries
- Advanced scar tissue remodeling
- Benefits of cryotherapy
- Reflexology and Acupressure
- Self Care stretches at work
- Botox and Fillers
- The role of lymph and metabolic waste in our body
- Anatomy and physiology
- Indications and contraindications 
- Ergonomics- practitioner & client 
- Stretches to relieve repetitive motion injuries.
- Relieving jaw pain
- Sinus drainage for better hearing and balance
- Lift & Lock theory and application
- Developing your signature service
- Cancer, blood thinners, TMJ
- ASMR & body language
- musculoskeletal re-education
This is a VERY full day of learning so lunch will be catered in. 
Please contact me if you have special dietary needs. 

Other info -
- Brings snacks and Beverage

- Come VERY WELL hydrated.
These techniques are very effective and WILL make you sick if you are dehydrated.

- Dress comfortably and wear something that can slip off your shoulders easily, sports bras do not.  
We DO NOT disrobe for this class.

- It is a TON to learn in one day, don't stress about remembering, you will have a very thorough manual and videos from class posted here to refresh your memory.

- Each unit is (1) CE and 55
minutes long

Cheryl Miller: text (253.225.1649)

Cheryl Miller - Owner, The Zen Lounge & Institute for Higher Learning.
Massage Therapist, Master Esthetician, Oncology Esthetician, Cardio-Respiratory Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor, Energy Healer and Medium.

Developed Zen Botanicals All Natural Anti-Aging Skincare and Zen Butter, YoMa Massage and the award winning Zen Facelift Facial


POC: Cheryl Miller: text (253.225.1649

    • Instructor: Cheryl Miller - Owner, The Zen Lounge
    • Massage Therapist, Master Esthetician, Oncology Esthetician, Cardio-Respiratory Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor, Energy Healer and Medium. 

    • Developed Zen Botanicals All Natural  Skincare, Zen Butter™, YoMa Massage™ and the award winning Zen Facelift Facial™

    • Continuing Education Instructor for both Estheticians and Massage Therapists

      **Available for private training for spas and resorts. 

    **Please read cancellation/late and no show policy. 

Tuition Refund Policy for Live and Online classes:
**Due to the intellectual property nature of this technique
developed by Cheryl L. Miller, Owner The Zen Lounge, The Zen Institute, Developer YoMa Massage, The Award Winning Zen Facelift Facial, and Zen Butter.

All Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE after attending a class/Retreat/Workshop.

No Refunds
You may:
1. Attend class at any other location.
2. Opt to earn continuing education hours/credits via online training videos.
*Each technique requires a 2 minute video to demonstrate thorough comprehension and understanding of contraindications before awarded certificate.

*LATE ARRIVAL: if you arrive move than 2 hours late you not receive Certificate of Training or 8 CE's


All cancellations must be received (not post dated) in writing via mail. Cancellation Policy must be strictly enforced since workshops require a great deal of planning and preparation.

A refund will be given, less a $79.00 processing fee if canceled 14+ days prior to the start of the workshop/class/retreat.

Any cancellations -14 days will not qualify for a refund but may be used toward a future workshop with the approval of the administrative department of TZI or be redeemed in online classes for credit @

Unit Values -

  • 1 CE Technique unit - $50
  • CateredLunch - $25

  • Refunds will be less transaction Bank fees

    Since a minimum number of registrants are necessary for each course and we do not meet this minimum, or for any other reason beyond our control the course is canceled or postponed, the registration fee will be refunded in full.
    TZI is not responsible for deposits to hotels, non-refundable airline tickets or fees associated with necessary airline changes.
    It is the responsibility of every licensed medical professional to know and follow their own State guidelines and regulations relating to their area of practice, prepare for and arrive to class on time, sign liability waiver and follow all class guidelines and rules.

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